Started with Thomas in a dark box that rattled him up and down, left and right, which brought him to unknown place. Then from this point, Thomas’ life’s gonna change.

After the whirled shaking from all directions, a glimmer shine came from his above, blinded his eyes for awhile. Created shadows of people over him. Then he realized, he came to the only-for-boys place, due to only boys settled in this place.

Alby, a leader of this bunch of teenage boys, was the first person who approached him. As a “Greenie”, a special name from Thomas who just arrived in the place and still didn’t understand what to do, then he met with other kind boys; Newt, Minho, and Chuck.

Chuck was Thomas’ information source. He knew the details in Maze was from Chuck. Even he knew threats in Maze, such as Grievers and WCKD, from Chuck.

And here was the point of Thomas’ and Gladers’ life changing!

This novel was authored by James Dashner and first published in Indonesia in 2011. This novel tells us about how Thomas and Gladers finds out their way to escape from Maze with only their ability to run, they need to face Grievers.

The story full of “running” words that would make you wanna run! James Dashner used chronological plot so it can be easily understood. This is the right novel for you who want to read it FAST!!!

By the way, this novel was filmed in last September. For you who are loving-if-movie-same-as-the-book, then you need to be ready! Because The Maze Runner between movie and novel was almost different. Let’s say, 50% different.

And here are the differences between The Maze Runner in movie with in novel:

Gally was already hate Thomas since the first meeting

But in movie, the first meeting of Gally and Thomas was going very well. Gally hated Thomas due to his bad memories of Thomas. At the first, Gally didn’t know why he hated Thomas, but throughout the story, he realized the reason why he hated Thomas.

Theresa had Telepathy

Even she didn’t need to meet with Thomas to know about his matter, just telepathy it. But unfortunately, it wasn’t exist in movie.

Grievers was like a snail, not like a scorpion

Yeah, you can find out this in the novel. It was slow, slimy, and moved like a robot.

Easy! If there are lot of differences in here, between the movie and the novel, but the movie is actually tensed with threats. Like a fast-moving Grievers, and etc.

The point is the movie and the novel are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you!