02-AyahKata pepatah, ibarat pohon semakin tinggi menjulang, semakin besar angin yang menerpa. Ini berlaku juga untuk Andrea Hirata, yang baru-baru ini meluncurkan novel terbarunya berjudul Ayah. Karena popularitasnya sebagai penulis di tanah air sudah tidak diragukan, tanggapan-tanggapan publik pun muncul beraneka ragam ditujukan pada pria kelahiran Belitong ini. Ada yang mencibir tapi lebih banyak lagi yang memuji kemahirannya dalam bercerita. Di bawah ini adalah sebagian tanggapan-tanggapan itu, bagaimana denganmu?

This fine story about strength and resilience against the odds, and the power of hope … seems only a matter of time before a director brings this story to cinemas in the West.”
—The Economist

“Andrea Hirata has written an endearing, simple and conversational prose … inspiring story.”
—The Guardian UK

Inspiring and closely autobiographical tale … Ikal and his band of plucky cohorts face obstacles large and small, and the reader can’t help but root for them to get the education—and life—they deserve. The setting is as compelling and memorable as the characters, and a rare window into a world we know little about.” —Harper Collins

From Indonesia, an inspiring, record-breaking bestseller—and a modern fairy tale.”

Incredibly moving and full of hope, Rainbow Troops swept Indonesia off its feet, selling over five million copies and becoming the highest- selling book in its history. It will sweep you away too.”

Andrea Hirata’s closely autobiographical debut novel […] promises to captivate audiences across the globe. This is classic storytelling in the spirit of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner: an engrossing depic- tion of a milieu we have never encountered before, bursting with charm and verve.” —Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York

From his shy smile to his fraying jeans, there is little else to indicate that Hirata is the literary megastar that he is.”
—Pallavi Aiyar, Los Angeles Review of Books

A brilliant narrator ….” —Frankfurter Rundschau, German newspaper, February 18, 2013

This autobiographical novel is a gem, a deeply moving story about what it means to take his life in his hand and what happiness can mean it to be able to learn.”
—Buchmagazine, Germany

The Rainbow Troops is a moving story written in a style that contradicts to the literary map of the world.”
—Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, German newspaper

A modern fairy tale, … With clear conflicts, big emotion and sympathetic types, but also with reality-saturated images and scenes that you’d never find any western novel—because it’s about a different reality here.” —Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland newspaper

Based on the experiences of the author, The Rainbow Troops is the story of a childhood and overwhelming greatest adventure: that the knowledge and emancipation.”
—Olibri Network, Italy

Andrea Hirata’s book The Rainbow Troops is highly interesting.” —Skylife, Turkish airlines in-flight magazine, April 2013

“Hirata speaks as he writes: short sentences, all well explained, great humility.”
—iOnline, Portugal

“Indonesia’s greatest living novelist.” —Byron Shire News, Australia

The best-selling Indonesian author of all time.”—byron-bay.com

A wonderful story about student and teachers.”—The Sunday Times

A rising star on Indonesian literary map.” —The Jakarta Post

“Novel Laskar Pelangi versi bahasa Jerman menarik perhatian publik Swiss. Malah untuk pinjam di perpustakaan saja, pembaca harus masuk waiting list. Di toko buku tertentu juga kehabisan stok, untuk meminjam versi cakram padat (compact disc) yang di Swiss dikenal sebagai hoerbuch, karya Andrea Hirata ini harus dipesan jauh-jauh hari. ‘Novelnya masih dipinjam orang,’ kata salah seorang petugas di perpustakaan Lucerne.” —Koran Sindo, 24 November 2013

“Tidak pernah ada yang bisa mengalahkan kekuatan cinta yang murni dan tulus. Cinta yang mendalam menebarkan energi positif yang tidak hanya mengubah hidup seseorang , tetapi juga menerangi kehidupan orang banyak.” —Kompas

“Laskar Pelangi—salah satu dari 45 buku yang mempengaruhi Indonesia.”
—45 Buku yang Mempengaruhi Indonesia, Media Indonesia

I am fascinated by [Andrea]‘s capacity to write […] a work inspired by where he comes from, […] such a talented young writer.” —Thomas Keneally, the author of Schindler’s Ark, filmed by Steven Spielberg as Schindler’s List, an Oscar winning movie

“… Andrea Hirata’s The Rainbow Troops is such an upper, … remarkable narrative. This is such a major work—the most successful novel in Indonesian publishing that it will quickly become a cherished work for book clubs around the world. I adored The Rainbow Troops.” Charles R. Larson is Emeritus Professor of Literature at American University in Washington, D.C.

A wonderful tale about what a pack of schoolkids, two caring teachers and a powerful sense of hope can achieve. I loved it.” —Vikas Swarup, the author of international bestseller Slumdog Millionaire

A book that not only warms the heart and lifts the spirit, but excites the mind as well. Truly, a page turner like no other. Once you start reading about these terrific kids, the ‘rainbow troops’, and their extraordinary young teacher, you just won’t be able to stop.” —Kate Veitch, the author of Listen and Trust

Hirata’s writing is as brilliant, beautiful, remarkable, and engros- sing as the characters and the world he brings us. If you’ve ever been afraid to dream, or disbelieved in the true power of learning, read The Rainbow Troops and you’ll be changed by the two guardians and their small number of students, whose intelligence and vibrancy will intoxicate you. This is a treasure from one of the largest Muslim societies in the world.” —Ishmael Beah, the author of international bestseller A Long Way Gone

The Rainbow Troops is a charming, funny, moving story about growing up and going to school on the island of Belitong in Indonesia. The Rainbow Troops are students in a poor, beleaguered village school, run by a pair of courageous and generous teachers who protect and champion their tiny class. I loved reading these stories about brave, smart, resourceful kids, set in a magical landscape that includes clouds, crocodiles, and shamans, as well as tin mining, politics, and regional school competitions.” —Roxana Robinson, the author of New York Times best- seller Cost

The Rainbow Troops is a powerful work of the imagination, which explores love, friendship, and the importance of education with uncommon wisdom and wit … a book of treasure!” —Christopher Merril, director of International Writing Program, University of Iowa, USA

A masterful story teller.” —Sarah Crichton, New York

Laskar Pelangi is a love letter to a teacher and to the value of education. Reading this wonderful book is like sitting with Andrea Hirata in a traditional coffee shop on his remote island home of Belitong, Indonesia. In the tropical warmth we listen to his vivid recollections of the people he loved and the times that made him. Any kids who are taking their educational opportunities for granted should read this book. It has the power to change lives.” —Cynthia Webb, columnist, Australia (The Jakarta Post)

I can think of no other book that has captured the hearts of so many Indonesians. The Rainbow Troops is a heart-moving tale of family, friendship, community and the inspiration to be found in those who care.—Janet de Neefe, founder of Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Herkesin anlatacak bir oykusu vardiir. Andrea kendi oykusunu son derece basit, sade ve insanin icine isleyen bir dille anlatmis. Kitaptaki karakterler olasilikla bir sekilde hepimizin yasaminda yer almis kisiler. Umarim oykulerini anlatacak onun gibi baskalari da cikar. [Everybody has a story to tell. Andrea has told his in a simple, plain and poignant style. The characters in the book are the same as those who have possibly touched our own lives. I just hope others follow in his wake to tell their own stories.]” —Murat Kayi, Turkish literature figure

Neste romance autobiográfico, Andrea Hirata conta-nos a história fascinante de um pequeno grupo de estudantes, habitantes da ilha de Belitong, que, com a preciosa colaboração dos seus professores, lutam por um futuro melhor, exercendo corajosamente o seu direito à educação. Escrito numa linguagem clara e acessível, este livro verdadeiramente inspirador contém uma mensagem universal, cativando leitores em todo o mundo e afirmando o poder da literatura na sua plenitude. [In this autobiographical novel, Andrea Hirata tells us the fascinating story of a small group of students, Belitong islanders, who, with the precious help of their professors, fight for a better future, boldly exercising their right to education. Written in a clear and accessible prose, this truly inspiring book contains a universal message, captivating readers throughout the world and affirming the power of literature in its fullness.]”
—João Trinité, Editorial Presença, Portugal

We are thrilled to have been part of the global publication of The Rainbow Troops and look forward to more from Andrea.”
—Chiki Sarkar, Penguin

The first Indonesian novel to find its way into the international general fiction market.”
—The Sydney Morning Herald

Electrifying, a brilliant author.” —Lesley Ann Wheeler, American author and poet

The Rainbow Troops has put Indonesia under the spotlight of international literature. Judging from its impact on education, humanity and even livelihood, it’s more than just a literary work, it’s a movement.” —Elvira Amaral

It is an inspiring book in every sense, and its characters remain in your mind for a long time, and you feel that you don’t know the sort of difficulties they have lived. But this is not important, perhaps. What is important is that the writer was able to turn the biography into a novel, a work of art that touches the feelings and thoughts of all those who read the book.” —Amjad Nasser, novelist, poet, and literary critic Jordania

“ رواية مكتوبة بانسيابية شعر ّية، وبوعي ما بعد حدا ّثي. يفكك أندريا هيراتا في روايته عساكر قوس قزح الواقع الأندونيسي في حقبة ما بعد

الاستعمار، ويلمس جوهر المشكلات التي واجهتها أندونيسيا، دون أن ينغلق على الواقع الأندونيسي، بل ببراعة كافية يجعل من شخصياته نماذج إنسانية ، يسهل التماهي معها من قبل القراء، مما يعطي الرواية زخمها الوجودي وانفتاحها على الإنساني. د. لينة عوض الأردن [The Rainbow Troops is a novel that written in a smooth poetic way, in which we find a conscious postmodern dismantling for the post-colonial era in Indonesia. In this novel, Andrea Hirata touched the taproot of the problems faced by Indonesia, in a brilliant way that turned his characters into models, and gave the novel its momentum and existential openness to humanitarian.]” —Ph.D. Linah Awad, Jordanian novelist and poet

Толкова вдъхновяващо. [The Rainbow Troops is so inspirational.]” —Mila Rupcheva, Bulgaria

The Rainbow Troops, having gone through numerous editions and published all over the world, has cemented its enviable place as a modern day classic. Andrea Hirata has written a book that has encapsulated modern Indonesian fiction at its very best.” —Ismail Bala, Nigerian poet

Andrea Hirata, a man with a book changes an island (Beli- tong)—and more. What a story! ”
—Peter Kunz, Director of ZDF TV Germany for South and Southeast Asia